What a world

Eikon photo-compositions for your personal or public space

B E I N G  explores the complexities and paradoxes of being human, from birth to death, and everything in between. An expansive and illuminating experience, through conceptual installations and presentations, photographic documentary, spoken word, ambient sound and big video, as well as classical projection and sensory atmospherics, the exhibition aims to provoke reflection on what it means to be a modern human in the natural world.

Throughout the exhibition, visitors are invited to contemplate the different facets of the human condition and to reflect on their own experiences of being human. The exhibition aims to create a space for contemplation, empathy, connection, and appreciation for the beauty and complexity of the human condition in modern times.

The exhibition is divided into themed spaces, each exploring different aspects of the human condition, sensory perception and environmental stimuli.

Birth and Growth 
This space focuses on the beginning of life, exploring themes such as innocence, vulnerability, and the promise of potential.

Human nature, geography and culture
This space examines how human nature affects human culture. The human being in relation to nature and natural processes and the conflicts between human nature and nature itself. Cultural morality and social ethics. Evolutionary and Biological Psychology

Consciousness, thought, action and reaction.
How every individual perceives their world in relation to their wider communities (family, peers, local community, country, culture continent, global communitity, collective conciousness, morals, eithics, empathy, metaphors, limitations.

Conflict and Struggle 
The second section of the exhibition delves into the complexities of human experience, including themes of conflict, struggle, and adversity. 

Love and Connection 
The third section of the exhibition explores the connections that bind us together, including themes of love, family, and community. 

Mortality and Transcendence 
The exhibition’s final section focuses on the ultimate human experience – death – and the possibility of transcendence beyond it.