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  • Memoirs and Letters -Arnold Marsh

    Memoirs and Letters -Arnold Marsh

    In 1912 Arnold Marsh is a young Quaker from Belfast, boarding the S.S. Athenia for Canada aged twenty-one just months after the ill-fated Titanic, having first set sail from Belfast shipyards on its maiden voyage to New York via Southend. Spanning over eighty years, Arnold’s perceptions and experiences come across with a boundless sense of humour,…

  • Lin Kee Menu

    Lin Kee Menu

    To ORDER directly go to Starters Main Dishes marked with ® include Boiled Rice or Chips. Fried rice €0.50 extra. Noodles or Yueng Chow Fried Rice €1.50 extraSpiciness or heat is marked as *mild **medium *** spicy (hot) 1. Spring Roll (2 pcs) – €5.10 Meat or Vegetable.Allergens: Gluten, Soy, Wheat, Egg, Sesame, Milk…

  • Lofty little city of Vic

    Lofty little city of Vic

    Vic is a small but magnificent city in the Barcelona province , in the comunidad autónoma (autonomous community) of Catalonia. The city is situated on the Vic Plain and lies along the Meder River, which is a tributary of the Ter River. Because it was first inhabited by the Ausetanos, an ancient Iberian tribe, it was called Ausa. The city was Romanized…

  • Early Advertorial

    Early Advertorial

    Out of this world! A gem of advertising elegantly and deceptively delivered – the brave new world of domestic appliances. – WATCH IN WINDOW BELOW OR USE LINK ABOVE Reviewer: August 1, 2011.   Subject: I too love an appliance. This is a beautiful piece of corporate propaganda. Our stepford wife’s transformation across different ethnicities symbolizes a…

  • Abstraction


    Abstract There exists in the vocabulary of most art historians and critics, and connoisseurs a usage of the words “image” and “imagery” in reference to a phenomenological range of forms in painting.  The terms seem reserved by tacit assumption for a special use. That is, we tend to reject the generic definition of image as…

  • Photo Collage

    Photo Collage

    Yanna’s Pupil – Greville E This is Agata Rek (below), a polish-born, multidisciplinary artist. Her focus is on analogue and elemental collage, illustration, and photography – she excels in abstract style and fashion concepts. Having lived in Europe and the United States, she feels at ease with the visual landscapes of both. Her constant curiosity…

  • Cloud Atlas

    Cloud Atlas

    All photos: Greville E Clouds are amazing – so big and so brilliant. Yet they are just big bunches of little water droplets and crystals suspended in our atmosphere. Clouds are formed as a result of saturation of the air when it is cooled to its dew point, or when they become water vapor. Nephology is the science of clouds,…

  • On the Rocks

    On the Rocks

    Rocks of ages Another series of photographic ‘rock portraits’ from a stretch of coast along the Maresme in Catalunya. Mesmerising geological textures, light and shadow, and the power of the Mediterranean define the changes and deterioration of these timeless and apparently not immovable elements. All photos: Greville E

  • Improve your image

    Improve your image

    Exclusive Curation Hotels, restaurants, public and private spaces – we will curate, compose and arrange installation of artworks for your space, whether it be a voluminous reception area or foyer, or a series of rooms or communal living spaces. We can provide personalised services for custom curation and acquisition of creative, stimulating, restorative imagery throughout…

  • Sant Pol Correfoc – Fire Devils

    Sant Pol Correfoc – Fire Devils

    During Festa Major in the seaside town of Sant Pol the ‘Correfoc’ – The correfoc is a form of street entertainment where the public interacts with fire and devils. Generally, these “fire runs” take place in the late evening at different events and festivities all around Catalunya and Spain. See more fire devels and processions…