Category: Interpretation

  • Abstraction


    Abstract There exists in the vocabulary of most art historians and critics, and connoisseurs a usage of the words “image” and “imagery” in reference to a phenomenological range of forms in painting.  The terms seem reserved by tacit assumption for a special use. That is, we tend to reject the generic definition of image as…

  • Improve your image

    Improve your image

    Exclusive Curation Hotels, restaurants, public and private spaces – we will curate, compose and arrange installation of artworks for your space, whether it be a voluminous reception area or foyer, or a series of rooms or communal living spaces. We can provide personalised services for custom curation and acquisition of creative, stimulating, restorative imagery throughout…

  • Sound of Silence

    Sound of Silence

    Lhasa De Sela – Con Toda Palabra and Anywhere On This Road Silence – Greville E Total silence is almost impossible to experience by the human consciousness or our senses. Even in a sound-proofed cube or underground cave we will hear, with a little time to adapt, the sound of our own heartbeat or breath.…