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  • Lofty little city of Vic

    Lofty little city of Vic

    Vic is a small but magnificent city in the Barcelona province , in the comunidad autónoma (autonomous community) of Catalonia. The city is situated on the Vic Plain and lies along the Meder River, which is a tributary of the Ter River. Because it was first inhabited by the Ausetanos, an ancient Iberian tribe, it was called Ausa. The city was Romanized…

  • Improve your image

    Improve your image

    Exclusive Curation Hotels, restaurants, public and private spaces – we will curate, compose and arrange installation of artworks for your space, whether it be a voluminous reception area or foyer, or a series of rooms or communal living spaces. We can provide personalised services for custom curation and acquisition of creative, stimulating, restorative imagery throughout…

  • Sant Pol Correfoc – Fire Devils

    Sant Pol Correfoc – Fire Devils

    During Festa Major in the seaside town of Sant Pol the ‘Correfoc’ – The correfoc is a form of street entertainment where the public interacts with fire and devils. Generally, these “fire runs” take place in the late evening at different events and festivities all around Catalunya and Spain. See more fire devels and processions…