Yanna’s Pupil – Greville E

This is Agata Rek (below), a polish-born, multidisciplinary artist.
Her focus is on analogue and elemental collage, illustration, and photography – she excels in abstract style and fashion concepts.

Having lived in Europe and the United States, she feels at ease with the visual landscapes of both. Her constant curiosity and desire for learning are perceived in her practice, conductive diverse body of work.

Educated as an architect leads her work to clean forms, symbolism, great attention to composition, and thinking out of the box, which is her greatest strength. Her work typically features a point of view created from a sense of observation and intuition. Agata is trying to capture something intriguing, intersecting, and contradicting.

Because Agata’s work bridges multiple disciplines, her skills are appreciated in the fashion industry, including well-known brands such as Macy’s, Ted Baker London, Wedding Magazine, Darling Magazine, Beyond Luxury London, and Vaute Couture New York to name a few. She has won many awards and has featured in solo, and group art exhibitions in Poland, Germany, and the United States.

Agata now has her own label ONE IMAGENATION. She has years of experience as a fashion stylist, art directing, and photographing for the look- books, and has developed a wide range of visual content. She specializes in the vintage style in a modern context. And promotes herself through social media; Instagram and YouTube specifically.

With a following of over 17.000, she is helping to empower young women worldwide, encouraging them to express themselves through art and style.

Dada and Surrealism: Europe After the Rain documentary (1978)

This documentary examines the work of the leading exponents of Dada and Surrealism, from the First World War through the 1920s and 1930s.

No, the montage wasn’t invented by Photoshop.

Discover in this video how photographers were “fooling” people over a century ago

For many, digital photography has done away with the sincerity of analog. What they don’t know is that analog photography, although we have always been assured that it captures reality as faithfully as possible, is not entirely reliable either.
More at Domestika here – https://bit.ly/3h54t0b

Step into collage artist Monique Baumann’s studio in Zürich

Zürich’s geometric medieval quarter, boomerang-shaped lake and rolling mountain range is the perfect base for illustrator and collage artist Monique Baumann. Known for her masterful appropriation of silhouettes and color, her work has been featured in international publications, such as Condé Nast Italia, Vogue Hong Kong and Harper’s Bazaar Czech Republic. Continue reading on Nowness.com or the app: https://o6g7.app.link/1QO8Geqvo4

In the Studio: Eunice Parsons

“In the Studio: Eunice Parsons” brings us into the attic studio of collage artist Eunice Parsons, who at 90 (when the video was made) is making the strongest work of her long career. This video documents her unusual process of making a collage, at once both extremely spontaneous in its generation and equally methodical in its resolution. We get to see creation and destruction as she makes collages from scratch. Parsons also discusses her long journey to collage through painting and printmaking, and her love of both old and modern masters. The video ends with the reception of a solo exhibit of her work at the Helzer Gallery of Portland Community College in which many of the works documented in the video can be seen in their final form. Parsons’ piercing visual intelligence as well as her lively and mischievous spirit are in abundant supply. -Mark Andres Video produced at Portland Community College by the Rock Creek Art Department and Video Production Unit.