Hearing health and countering disability

Silence – Greville E

Anyone with hearing loss can make great records! Yes! Really. And Tchad Blake, Susan Rogers, Bella Bathurst, and Andrew Scheps are going to explain why. This unique panel will be debunking myths, discussing how to prevent/manage hearing loss, and if you already have damage, learning how to live with it and keep making records.  A large portion of the live stream will be dedicated to answering your questions answered about hearing health concerns. 

A very interesting conversation and discussion on hearing loss and damage. A good example is at timeslot 2:05 which has some amazing insights on sound interpretation, the discussion is 3 hours long and can/should be digested in parts – especially relevant if sound tolerance is determined by over-sensitivity, or if you suffer hearing health issues or hearing loss at some level.

With this video, share eikon examines sound as an artistic medium, as treatment for personal auditory system problems, in musical and sound synthesis and pattern and in natural and essential communications in all living beings.

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